Learning to See Nature with David Astin

All things start somewhere: Sixty years in the making

After sixty BIG Circles, seeking to piece together bits of natural history, science, spirituality, literature, learning and living into a connected construction.  It is a work in progress, changing with each new photograph, experience, or idea shared.  What I hope to create is an interaction where we can think out loud and use the inner and outer learnings to construct story of what it means to be a part of this magnificent whole creation. 

This year brings to fruition a long desired goal, to create a website and "blog," to communicate about the qualities of nature that can inspire, enhance and sustain our lives. 

In his book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach writes.

       "It's good to be a seeker, 
        but sooner or later you have to be a finder.  
        And then it is well to give what you have found, 
        a gift into the world for whoever will accept it."

I have found Mary Oliver's Rules for Living

       1. Pay attention.   
       2. Be astonished. 
       3. Tell what you saw.

Please join with me.....to see what we might see, share our astonishment,  and then tell about it!


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